MFRW Call to Action

UPDATED 1/3/2018



Dear Members,

Last year the Democrats passed a terrible bill that will be detrimental to small business and employees.  This bill is HB -1, "Paid Sick and Safe Leave Act of 2017".  It requires that businesses with 15 or more employees provide 56 hours of paid sick leave each year, and smaller businesses to provide 56 hours of unpaid leave.  This will dramatically increase costs to small businesses.

In addition, the bill requires that employees reveal the reason for the leave including domestic violence, sexual assault or other health conditions.  This is an invasion of privacy, as the government may request this information.

Governor Hogan has vetoed the bill and created emergency legislation that is less costly to businesses and noninvasive to employees.

We ask that you contact your Legislators and urge them to uphold the Governor's veto and enact the Governor's Paid Leave Act of 2018.

Please take this action between January 8 -11, 2018.  MAKE THEM HEAR US LOUD AND CLEAR!!

Click HERE for Bill information and sample letter.

Thanks so much,